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May 2019
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Key em­ploy­ment is­sues across Europe and bey­ond
23 May 19
Cross-bor­der re­struc­tur­ing – na­tion­al and re­gion­al...
Em­ploy­ment we­binars
CMS Sofia at­tends the 8th Re­gion­al En­ergy Con­fer­ence or­gan­ised by...
The Ver­dict Risk & In­vest­ig­a­tions
We are pleased to send our new is­sue of The Ver­dict, an at-a-glance round-up of re­cent leg­al de­vel­op­ments in re­la­tion to cor­por­ate crime. In this is­sue, the spot­light is on some sig­ni­fic­ant changes to anti-cor­rup­tion laws in Chile, in­clud­ing the ex­ten­sion.
Post BEPS in­tel­lec­tu­al prop­erty tax­a­tion
06 Jun 19
We­bin­ar: The ins and outs of Brexit – em­ploy­ment and...
The law on product safety is on its way
The Draft Law on Product Safety and Tech­nic­al Reg­u­la­tions (“Law”) is ex­pec­ted to be pub­lished in the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette soon. This Law aims to en­sure that products are safe and com­ply with the rel­ev­ant tech­nic­al reg­u­la­tions.
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Se­cur­ity Token Of­fer­ings
Ap­plic­a­tions are com­pleted for the Second Re­new­able En­ergy Tender...
In the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette on 7 Novem­ber 2018, The Min­istry of En­ergy and Nat­ur­al Re­sources (“Min­istry”) an­nounced four (4) Re­new­able En­ergy Re­source Areas (Yeni­le­ne­bi­lir Enerji Kaynak­ları Alan­ları, “YEKA”) pro­jects for four (4) dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions (Balıkesir,.
March 2019
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